It’s about money and power

Watch Elizabeth Warren School the Senate on the Keystone XL Pipeline: ‘It’s About Money and Power’

The puzzling aspect of Keystone XL is the public support.  Although public support has been declining, polls seem to indicate that the majority of the public support building the pipeline.

The truth is that there is a great deal of misinformation (or lies) about the pipeline.  I certainly don’t know the TRUTH – if there is a truth.  However, here is a link to a source that I frequently check when I suspect that the two sides to an issue are both spinning the truth ( or lying). has an article with factual information.  Check it out.  It is always wise to seek independent sources on hot political issues.

The conflict over Keystone XL is about money and power – but so are most of our political conflicts.

My opinions:

  • I would not want the Keystone XL pipeline to run through my land, my town, or anywhere near anyone that I care about…  There have been a few horrible leaks/spills with devastating consequences to land and water.
  • I live in a community (and grew up in a small town) with railroad tracks running right through town.  Although I oppose the pipeline, I don’t want the tar sands oil shipped by train through Helena.  I worry about the risk of explosions and fires.
  • I also don’t want to be on a highway with the equipment to extract the tar sands, or with oil tankers.  Imagine a multiple car accident and explosion – a nightmare.
  • I would not want my son, daughter, husband, or anyone I loved and cared about to work in the fracking or tar sands industry…  We do not know for sure the long term health impact, but we can recall the deaths and suffering caused by other industrial pollutants (coal dust, asbestos/vermiculite…)

These are all my selfish concerns.

My hopes are for clean energy and clean energy jobs.  I hope we can transform our dependence on fossil fuels in time to save the planet for my grandchildren.  Keystone XL does not deliver on my hopes and dreams.

I really do not understand public opinion on this one.